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As a modern company, we believe we have a responsibility to not only consider the future of design but also the future of the planet. We honor our responsibility to protect the earth and its resources, and make it our goal to source only the most innovative, earth-friendly materials available for our products, which means we do not use leather, skins, fur, or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in any of our products. 

For specific questions regarding care, please email us at

Most of our bags come with a dust cover, handcrafted from either 100% organic cotton or eco-fi, a high quality fiber created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Store your bag inside the dust cover when not in use to keep it beautiful, clean and dust-free.

To maintain the original beauty and luxurious feel of your vegan leather bag, simply wipe down with a damp cloth after extreme exposure to dust, dirt, or moisture. A little soap and water will remove most stains.

The screws that attach the bag to the O-ring (metal hoop) allow for personalized fit and hang of the bag. Please be sure to check that all screws are firmly in place before using. Friction from the body may cause the screws to loosen over the course of time. Each bag comes with an extra set of screws in case you happen to lose one. Additional screws may be ordered if necessary.

The belt on your Classic Collection belt bag has been adjusted for you based on the size you ordered (regular or small). However, you may re-adjust it at anytime with a simple screwdriver. 

To change your size from a regular to a small: begin with the first image on the left and work your way to the right and down. 

To change your size from a small to a regular: begin with the very last image on the bottom right and work your way left and up till you arrive at the very first image on the top left.