Simple and Best Ways to Use Instagram Collab Feature for Posts
Hipstersforsisters Instagram Simple And Best Ways To Use Instagram Collab Feature For Posts

Simple And Best Ways To Use Instagram Collab Feature For Posts

Simple and Best Ways to Use Instagram Collab Feature for Posts

Instagram is the most trending social media platform where people can share their content and opinions through posts, stories, reels, etc. Do you need your business or brand to become popular among people? Are you looking to drive more organic traffic and increase sales for your business? If so, Instagram collaboration is the best way! Instagram collabs are nothing but a user or company that joins hands with another account. It creates a mutually beneficial business relationship. Your collaborator will get an invitation to accept your post. After acceptance, the posts are shared on both accounts simultaneously. Instagram collabs will increase more audience towards your account. You can also opt to buy Instagram story views to improve your visibility globally.

In this article, let us see the complete insights about the Instagram collabs feature for posts,

What Is An Instagram Collab Tag?

Instagram collab tags are just the latest feature, making it easier and faster to share and communicate the contents to the audience. Instagram collaborations are growing to the peak, and influencer marketing is expected to grow with a worth of $16.4 billion in 2022. The key highlights of collab features are

  • You can add up to 20 co-authors to the Instagram post.
  • The collaborated post remains live on all co-authors’ posts.
  • Once approved, you can co-author public or private Instagram accounts.

Steps On How To Use Instagram Collab Features For Posts

1. Create A Feed Post

Choose the theme, color palettes, and perfect hashtags for your post. Your hashtags should be trending and attractive to the viewers. Once you are happy with your overall grid and aesthetics, save your post, or else you can schedule it for later.

2. Invite A Collaborator

After creation, go to the tag people page and tap on invite collaborators. Add the username of the collaborator for your post. You can add 20 collaborators to a single post. The collaborators tagged will be shown as the co-authors for the post.

3. Publish On Instagram

Add all the required details and tap on “share” to publish on Instagram. Once it is shared, your collaborator will receive a request or notification for acceptance. Instagram will show both the co-authors’ names on the post when approved on both sides.

Insights On Top Collab Ideas On Instagram

1. Making An Appearance In One Another Posts

Making an appearance on each other’s photos and tagging one another in the post is one of the best collab ideas on Instagram. It organically derives interest from the audience to check collaborator profiles. It effectively raises the audience base for a business or brand. It is not only for posts but also applicable for creating videos together.

2. Challenge Post

Challenge posts are trending on Instagram as people love to get associated with fun activities. Posting activity with a fun and entertaining element will drive people to see your website. Both your collaborators and your site will get popularized with challenge posts. You can even create a pass the challenge post with your collaborators.

3. Create Contest

Another fabulous collaboration idea is running a contest together with your collaborator. It is slightly different from a challenge post where the contest has a money prize. All posts regarding the contests should be original and aesthetic with contest-specific hashtags. In addition, the contest hashtags should be pretty authentic and reliable to your business domains.

4. Giveaway With Collaborators

By connecting with multiple people, you can create a loop giveaway where the entrants need to follow all the people in the loop to get a reasonable price. It makes your brand memorable among competitors of the business. It, in turn, creates customer loyalty toward a business or service.

5. Working Together On Sponsorships

Many Instagrammers work together with sponsorships. When you sponsor other companies, they, in turn, advertise your brand in return. As a result, sponsorships with other companies will make more followers for your Instagram page.

Wrapping It Up

By adapting some of the best collaboration features, it is easy to reach new audiences and can introduce them to your brand. It is a great way to showcase your products and services to brand new people. Instagram collaborations also improve the engagement rate. With all the above points noted, choose the best collaborator and gain more sales!