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Debra and Rachel Denniston

At Hipsters for Sisters, our mission is to liberate women from their baggage. We celebrate the joy of less and the freedom inherent in living life hands-free. Our belt bags, designed to fit just the essentials, are a reminder of the ease of living a life of simplicity--a life filled with more experience, happiness, wholeness and joy in exchange for less stuff.
As a modern company, we believe it is our responsibility to take into consideration the health and welfare of our planet in the development of each of our products.   We are strongly committed to sustainability, produce all bags locally and ethically, and make it our goal to source only the most innovative, animal and earth-friendly materials available for our products. 
We give 5% of the purchase price of every bag sold online to organizations that liberate and empower women, as well as honor our sacred stewardship of the earth and all of its creatures. 
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Hipsters for Sisters was founded by Debra Denniston and her two daughters, Rachel and Kate, in January 2012, in response to a lack of functional, hands-free bags that were also stylish and well-designed. The strictly made-in-L.A. brand has since become synonymous with innately wearable design, which combines classic style and versatility with a minimalist aesthetic.

Our Story
"Like most American women, I was educated to believe that my survival depended on the contents of a very large and beautiful handbag. However, once my youngest child was finally out of diapers, I desperately sought freedom from the bondage of baggage. The depth of my desperation was evidenced by the fact that I actually started wearing a fanny pack. While I loved the freedom it provided, I hated the way it looked and the ridicule it inspired, especially from my kids who begged me to hide it in the trunk when I picked them up from school. Worn down and out by societal pressure, I went back to allowing my big, bad, fashionable handbags to wear me for another ten years.

One day, as the chiropractor snapped my shoulder bag into place, I decided that I was too smart to act this stupid. If men can get through their days with only the contents of their pockets, women can too. I went home determined to design a truly functional accessory that even my daughters would wear. When my daughters confessed that they not only liked the design, but actually wanted to participate in it's development, I knew we were on to something."

--Debra Denniston, Founder

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we design and produce all bags locally and ethically in Los Angeles, just a few miles from our office. The small, family-run company that makes our bags treats all of its employees with honor and respect. We know each employee by name, having been invited to share their meals and conversations at the lunch table and feel that they are part of our extended family as well. In addition to the "warm fuzzies" we get from personally knowing every person who make our bags, this proximity enables us to be present during production, to "pop in" if there are questions or check on samples at a moments notice. 

There is something so satisfying about knowing that we are helping to create jobs for people who are being paid fair wages for their specialized skills in a healthy and safe workplace. We pay top dollar for this privilege and although we cannot hope to compete price-wise with companies who make their products overseas, we are happy to provide an ethical, alternative product for the great minority of people who, like us, actually care.

Read more about our Commitment to Sustainability.

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